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Carbohydrates – What Is the Difference Between Refined and Whole?

Many people think of carbs as consisting mainly of simple sugars but the truth is that there are a wide variety of carbs available, including complex carbs, which have many benefits over simple sugars. In general, when asked what are the best sources of carbohydrates many nutritionists will recommend refined grains such as white flour or even processed sugar. However, some nutritionists argue that there is an inherent lack of fiber in refined or processed carbs which leads many people to believe that they are better for losing weight than fiber rich carbs like whole grains. Here’s a closer look at the carbs that you should be using instead of sugar or white flour.

Carbohydrates Whole vs Refined

If you’re looking to lose weight and get more energy, I would highly recommend consuming a high fiber diet such as whole grains, beans, lentils, nuts, fruits and vegetables. These types of foods provide more energy without packing on the pounds since fiber provides many other health benefits. Instead of focusing your attention on just one type of carb, it’s a good idea to consume a varied diet of whole foods so that you are getting a balance between carbs and fat. Complex carbohydrates come from foods such as potatoes, brown rice, whole wheat pasta and cereals as well as other whole grain foods such as bread and whole-wheat pasta. Simple carbohydrates come from foods such as table sugar, rice cakes and other pastries, corn syrup and some fruits.

Here’s a quick comparison of simple sugars vs. carbohydrates: When you compare the amounts of sugar and carbohydrates in a glass of fruit juice, you’ll find that the amount of glucose that is in the juice is much less than the amount of glucose that you would get from a similarly sized glass of refined sugar. This is because the fiber in whole grains keeps the glucose in check so that it doesn’t keep entering the bloodstream at a high rate. Refined and processed carbohydrates can easily raise your blood sugar level because the simple sugars can still enter the bloodstream at a high rate even when you aren’t eating them. In other words, refined and processed carbohydrates can ‘feed’ the body’s hunger without it really ‘feeding’ the body’s needs.

As we age, our bodies produce less of the insulin required to maintain normal glucose levels in the bloodstream. As a result, more of the glucose gets stored as fat in our bodies. In addition, our bodies convert some carbohydrates into simple sugars as a way to lower our blood sugar levels. One type of carbohydrate that is particularly troublesome for diabetics is simple glucose, which is found in many types of table sugar, even those that have the ‘green’ logo on them. However, there are a number of different kinds of carbohydrates that can cause problems for people who suffer from type 2 diabetes.

For example, if you eat too much simple carbohydrates, it can raise your blood sugar levels too high and cause a surge in insulin. This can be extremely dangerous because insulin is essential to keep the glucose levels in the blood within a safe range. If you have a genetic condition called insulin resistance, this can be extremely dangerous. It is very important to pay attention to carbohydrate intake and to do what you can to avoid those foods that trigger a reaction in your body.

Other types of carbs that are not bad carbs are complex sugars such as those found in fruit, honey, and whole-grains like wheat, corn, and barley. These foods also have high fiber content and provide your body with lots of nutrients, including fiber. By choosing to eat more carbs that have high fiber content, you can help your body to burn more belly fat while reducing your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

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